The worlds best Aztec Death Whistles!

Many years ago when I discovered Aztec Death Whistles, I knew I wanted to combine my FX background in creature design with the amazing sounds these whistles produced.

Our shop has created some of the most unique looking and best sounding death whistles in the world. We are always adding new and exciting designs to our lineup.

The fine, intricate skull carvings of our whistles are created to reflect the complex inside of varying passages, which create colliding air flow that leads to the terrifying sound of a human screams.

Our products can be heard around the world in movies, television series, and live events. Each whistle is hand-crafted, unique in design and careful detail resulting in our highly-rated customer service #HearTheFear!

History of the Aztec Death Whistle

Discovered hundreds of years ago in Mexican burial grounds, the history and questions surrounding the Aztec death whistle and its haunting sound make it ominous and intriguing. Since its discovery, archaeologists have been obsessed with theorizing why these whistles were produced: a sacrifice, battle cry, comfort or entertainment. Nevertheless, the Aztec death whistle has become a cultural icon, an everlasting sensation.

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