Aztec Death Whistle - the Artifact - You won't believe the horrific sounds of death and screams this death whistle can produce.


Aztec Death Whistle - The Artifact.

This truly is the most terrifying death whistle you will ever hear! The design is ancient Aztec dug up after nearly a thousand years underground. The paint is chipping and fading, but once you blow into the whistle, the sounds of screams and death are as loud and terrifying today as they were back when it was buried.

We are excited to announce that HBO came to us to use our whistles in the final episode of Game of Thrones when Drogon burned the Iron Throne. Our whistles were used to represent the lost souls who fought for the Iron Throne escaping as the Iron Throne melted away.
We have also been featured in the TV series "From Dusk till Dawn". See our photos for more details.

To hear some of the death whistles in action, please visit my youtube link:

Made of resin and epoxy, each death whistle is hand made here in our studio where we tune the pitch and resonance to create a unique sound for every whistle. At about 6 oz, the death whistle feels great in your hands. We also supply 1 yard of leather/suede cordage so you can hang the death whistle around your neck looped through the back of the whistle, or use it to hang on display. It is also balanced to rest upright on your table.

The actual whistle component is made separate from the design and then built into the design casing, so even if you don't see and hear your design of choice in the youtube videos, rest assured all of the finished whistles will have the same eerie and screechy sound to them.

This death whistle's origins date back to ancient Aztec culture found many centuries back in Mexico. The unique sound of the whistle combines the eerie sound of the wind combined with human, guttural screams. Historians believe the whistles were used in sacrificial rituals of death, as a number of whistles were found in the skeletal remains of sacrificed victims to the Aztec wind God Ehecatl. Other theories propose that the whistles were used in war to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Imagine hundreds of whistles blowing in all directions as the Aztecs descend on their adversaries.

This death whistle is truly a piece of art as well as function.

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